About Me

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My name is Hristiyan Dakov. I was born in 1991 in Bulgaria. I grew up in a small town, where I spent my childhood watching my grandfathers, day after day, working with such a passion in their own workshop. They were famous craftsmen at that time, known as the best carpenters and master builders in the city. Inspired by their “art”, I told to myself – “I want to be like them”!
During the years I was learning the craft right beside them. They have shown me woodcarving and carpentry. But I wanted something more… that is when my passion for knives started. It was 2010 when I got the chance to learn from the best known craftsman in the area at that time – Stanimir Stoyanov. Step by step I gained all the know-how and the experience I needed. With the time my interest in knives became bigger and bigger so in 2015 my hobby turned into my profession...until nowadays.