Stanimir Stoyanov

Woodcarver, Gunsmith

Stanimir Stoyanov is the person who made me who I am now. He was the one who showed me woodcarving. He was beside me when I made my first knife. He gave me a lot of know-how for which i will be always thankful. Stanimir is a woodcarver and a gunsmith with many years of experience. He graduaded woodcarving but then he decided to do something else - gunstocks. Now he has thousands of gunstocks made. It is a great pleasure to know him and to work with him.

Stefan Chakov


Stefan Chakov is a blacksmith with 30 years of experience. He is one of the best craftsmen in Bulgaria. I am happy to know him and to have the opportunity to work with him.

Kiril Mitrashkov

Knife maker

Kiril Mitrashkov is a famous knife maker in Bulgaria. He started making knives 9 years ago. In November 2018 he successfully passed the master knifemaker test in front of masters from the Guild of craftsmen in Plovdiv.

Kaloyan Yakov

Knife maker

Kaloyan Yakov makes knives as a hobby. He learned the craft all by himself. Now he has more than 50 knives made by him.